Student Motorsport

Student Motorsport specialises in helping students acquire the necessary skills and experience that the Motorsport Industry and its respective professionals demand. This website has been developed on the back of its founder, John Paul Latham’s, own personal experience as both an undergraduate student and employee in the motorsport industry.

I would 100% recommend Student Motorsport to any student or graduate. If you are serious about getting a job in the Motorsport Industry then you must take advantage of this website and begin your Motorsport career.
Robert Sykes, S&H Motorsport

JP Latham, Founder, Student MotorsportStudent Motorsport is a community where like minded individuals can come together to share their motorsport experiences. The site is for students and is a tool that can be used to help bring success in a career in motorsport.

It’s from the combination of first hand experience and knowledge that Student Motorsport are able to bring a unique way of entry into motorsport and the first steps to your future in the industry. Student Motorsport aim to change the way in which students are perceived by the sector and are gearing towards delivering employers the graduate students that they require. A graduate student with the right combination of education and experience is what employers are seeking in order to keep the motorsport industry a thriving business for the future.

Student Motorsports website is currently under development and will launch in the first half of 2012. Please check back for updates again soon.