The Rotary Jaipur Limb (RJL) project wanted to update their website which had become rather cumbersome for them to look after. The old site had no CMS and was becoming very difficult to keep up to date. It didn’t have many of today’s standards such as Responsive layout, CSS to aid easy updates to the style of the style, nor did it meet today’s Accessibility guidelines.

The RJL's old site had no CMS and was becoming a burden for them to keep up to dateThe aim of the update was to help present the RJL in a more professional manner, to reflect the major amount of work that they carry out. They wished the website to increase the level of donations and to help the charity to grow.

The new site was inspired by the latest ‘flat’ designs most notably used by the new Windows 8 (‘Metro’) and Apple iOS interfaces. RJL wanted a colourful site, with the key areas set out in colour-coded boxes to aid navigation.

The site features online donation functionality together with the ability for RJL to sell their merchandise. The site meets Accessibility guidelines and is fully Responsive to ensure great usability no matter what sized device is being used to view the site.

Further functionality was employed to enable the RJL to translate their pages and menu-items into French.

The site was great fun to work on, and I’m really pleased with the distinctive design. RJL took advantage of CAREplus to ensure the site continues to look good into the future as new content is added.

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